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AEB Home & Lifestyle | Slide Rack Cabinet Shelf

An elegant yet minimalistic kitchen accessory that fits your needs

Defy your lifestyle for $29.99

Have you ever reached for a certain spice in the middle of cooking, only to find it is lost in a sea of spice bottles? This has happened to the best of us...Until now. Our slide rack is guaranteed to keep your spice cabinet as organized as possible. NOT only does this product save you space and keep things organized, its minimalist design is suitable with any decor.

How to use it


Clean your Cabinet

Ensure the target contact surface is free of any dust or oil stains before placing product.


Remove the tape cover

Once you have our AEB Slide Rack in your hands, remove the cover of the sticky tape.


Place into the cabinet and enjoy!

Place the slide rack as shown onto your target surface. Once you have done just that, you can slide the rack open and place your spice jars into the compartment.