Andres El Barche is an entrepreneur who's vision is to thrive for a better lifestyle. No matter the environment, there's always a way to organize, use and take advantage of the space you are living in.

Since the pandemic, more and more people have found themselves working from home. Andres noticed the need for our spaces to be able to work for us. Let AEB H&L help you optimize your space and boost your productivity, while adding a touch of style to your surroundings!


Satisfy our client's needs in regards of organization, practicality and comfort of the house of Floridians, delivering our products within our value proposition, that's based on excellence, quality and commitment on the demands of our clients, in order to create value for them.


We want to be the first option in household accessories in Florida, offering quality products, serve to our clients as we serve our guests and be efficient on our value proposition.